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Episode Guide

The awesome subtitled episodes available for download here were created by The Triad (fansub group). They are encoded in Xvid. They weigh in at around 25MB and 3 minutes each. Only the first episode has the opening and only the last has the ending.

Episode 1 - Your Tail is Great
This episode sees the introduction of our hero, Dogtato, and his girlfriend, Hedgetato! After meeting, the pair go on their first date together, but will a sudden rainy spell ruin all the fun?

Download episode 1

Episode 2 - We Finally Meet
While waiting for Hedgetato upon a hill under a blossoming tree, Dogtato greets his passing friends. He is daydreaming about Hedgetato all the while, but will she ever turn up!?

Download episode 2

Episode 3 - Where are all the Beanbirds Going?
Dogtato and his girlfriend spot something glowing over a distant hill under the light of a large twinkling star. Midway to exploring the area they bump into an exceptionally large troop of Beanbirds - and they are all heading towards the glowing distance too! What on earth could be going on?

Download episode 3

Episode 4 - Sad Strawberry
The Cherrodents are playing. The Strawbatty is lonely and wants to join in, but they won't allow it. Then a sudden gust of wind blows one of the Cherrodents far away. Will Strawbatty be able to help locate the missing one?

Download episode 4

Episode 5 - Peachmingo in Love
Peachmingo wants to approach Lotus Eater after being enchanted by the beautiful flower growing from his tail. However, Lotus Eater lives in Chocolate Pond and Peachmingo does not want to go near the place as she will get dirty. Will Dogtato and friend be able to help?

Download episode 5

Episode 6 - Hooray for Being Straight
The title says it all... or does it?

Download episode 6

Episode 7 - The Secret Cave
As the rain begins to fall, everyone hurries to find shelter. Dogtato and Hedgetato run into a cave, but it's no ordinary cave...

Download episode 7

Episode 8 - The Cave's Secret
A continuation from the last episode. Dogtato attempts to fix the problems caused by the cave, but will he be able to save his relationship with Hedgetato?

Download episode 8

Episode 9 - Boartato, Straight Ahead!
Boartato running is causing nothing but trouble for everyone as usual. In an attempt to cure himself of his destructive running habit, he sets off on a quest. Where will it lead him?

Download episode 9

Episode 10 - Tomatoink Wants to be Slim
Tomatoink doesn't like being round. He wishes to be slim. Then he changes his mind as he was told he's wonderful just the way he is. Then through the effects of a mishap he gets his wish anyway. Kinda.

Download episode 10

Episode 11 - Pearbird and the Shooting Star
A group of Veggietownians are watching an astounding display of shooting stars when one lands at the top of a mountain. The small group, along with the mysterious Pearbird, set off to look for the fallen star. Boink! Oh no, a shooting star hit Pearbird right on the head!! A strange personality problem befalls him...

Download episode 11

Episode 12 - The Appearance of the Black Beanbirds
Enter Black Beanbirds. These little guys are trouble. They march around Veggietown sucking the life and happiness out of everyone they come into contact with. Oh no! Hedgetato has been afflicted! Will Dogtato figure out what's going on in time to save everyone?

Download episode 12

Episode 13 - The Mysterious Leaf
Dogtato is so cool that everyone wants to be just like him! Everything gets a little strange when Dogtato's tail sparks a fashion frenzy, though. But these tail-leaves are no ordinary tail-leaves... an unexpected hero saves the day!

Download episode 13

Episode 14 - If We're Together
Corn! Corn! Corn! While Hedgetato is having a great time riding Cox, Dogtato becomes upset and feels dejected. He wanders off, aimlessly and low in spirits, until he bumps into Croconion... literally. Here begins some Zen meditation.

Download episode 14

Episode 15 - The Tweeterines' Treasure
The Tweeterines have lost their treasure in the river - will anyone be able to find it? And what is this treasure...?

Download episode 15

Episode 16 - Crybaby Warturtlemelon
It's a beautiful sunny day and the gang are having a great time bathing in the ocean. Warturtlemelon arrives at the scene but after a short dip turns into a catastrophic failure, he runs as if the ocean is chasing him for his very life! Enter Turmelon...

Download episode 16

Episode 17 - Rain, Mushribbit
It's raining and the Mushribbits are out to enjoy it! Unfortunately the rain is making everyone else miserable, and the Mushribbits are making such a racket all night that no one can get any sleep! This time, Cabbopotamus has a plan...

Download episode 17

Episode 18 - Gourdbird's Pranks
There's a hot spring in town (perhaps there always was?) and everyone's invited! However, when Gourdbird steps from the spring, his skin has gone all smooth and he looks just like Cucumbird! This leads to trouble, as Gourdbird loves to play pranks on others...

Download episode 18

Episode 19 - Dance and You'll be Happy
Li'l Eggplooch has wandered off looking for answer about life. She travels a very long way and finds an answer. Dance! After everyone finally catches up with her, she takes them to see Lionapple, the Lord of the Dance, and together they dance their troubles away.

Download episode 19

Episode 20 - The Monster of Veggie Bay (Part 1)
The Melon Turtles are standing on the beach surveying the aftermath of a fierce storm the night before. Aah! What's that out in the sea!? A monster! Nightmares ensue.

Download episode 20

Episode 21 - The Monster of Veggie Bay (Part 2)
The Monster mystery continues...

Download episode 21

Episode 22 - Long Croconion
Croconion was struck by lightning in a storm and started growing every since... longer and longer. Due to the various problems this creates, some brainstorming takes place. The resulting idea is that if Croconion is struck by lightning again he'll return to his normal length. Logic. Don't try this at home.

Download episode 22

Episode 23 - Pengradish's Ice
Pengradish turned up at the beach on a block of ice one day and was greeted by Dogtato and Hedgetato. They invite him on a tour of the village, but whilst they are gone the block of ice goes on a tour of its own...

Download episode 23

Episode 24 - Batpple's Secret
Dogtato makes friends with the new bat in town. He's a friendly bat but warns that everyone should hide come the full moon, as on that night Batpple will transform...

Download episode 24

Episode 25 - In Search of Rain
There's a serious drought in Veggietown and everyone is suffering. Dogtato takes to the skies to solve the problem!!!

Download episode 25