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Meet the crew. Please note that English names are taken from the brilliant fansub by The Triad. Japanese name suffixes such as -kun and -chan have been omitted. Please also note that not every single character that has made an appearance on Dogtato-kun is on this page, however we have quite a selection for you!
DogtatoThe star of the show! Everyone loves Dogtato, especially Hedgetato... and uhh, Lettuphant too. He has a leaf on his tail from which a beautiful flower grows when he is particularly happy (he is happy most of the time anyway... at least his huge smile would have one believe so). If anyone is ever in a pickle, needs a friend or a listening ear then Dogtato is always there!
HedgetatoShe's pink and she thinks Dogtato is great! And she's right. He thinks she's great too and is equally correct. Hedgetato has a similar personality to that of Dogtato which in part is why they get along so well. Together they are always willing to help out. Hedgetato has a kind heart and can always spare a kind word for those who are in need of one.
CroconionThis snappy veggie can often be found up on the hill, day and night. He offers what may be sage words of wisdom, commentary and a manic laugh - but it's hard to tell if he's wise or insane... possibly both! He tends to pop up when least expected. You will see Croconion frequently throughout the anime, particularly at the closing of a scene or episode where his short proverb-style sayings add an amusing finishing touch - followed by the aforementioned manic laughter.
BoartatoThis speedy fella should take part in the Veggietown Olympics! The only problem with his incredible running feats is that once he starts, he just can't stop! This causes many problems for the inhabitants of Veggietown, as Boartato is liable to arrive seemingly from nowhere, and send everyone flying into the air as he zooms on by.
CabbopotamusIs it a cabbage... is it a hippo... no, it's Cabbopotamus! This hefty fella likes to spend time in his pond, however he is extremely friendly (if a bit slow) and will take part in various adventures with the other Veggiefolk. Cabbopotamus has a crush on Lettuphant, but she will run a mile at the sight of him. Sigh.
CaterpillarThis little guy seems to pop up from time to time. Not much of a Vegetable, but a character nonetheless! Although under appreciated, he does Save The Day in episode 13.
StrawbattyThis friendly critter can be seen in the sky or playing in the trees. Since making friends with the Cherrodents he's been considerably happier. Always willing to help out the Cherrodents if they get in a jam.
SlitherootHe is straight. Slitheroot is actually a resident of Straight Land. On one occasion he took a group of interested folk from Veggietown to visit his homeland. They met the king of Straight Land and thoroughly enjoyed being straight, if only for a day.
CherrodentsThese little ones love to hang out (literally, on a tree!) and play various games, such as spinning around each other and squashing Strawbatty (in a friendly way).
CucumbirdAn extremely amiable, friendly inhabitant of Veggietown. He spends most of his time looking after and providing guidance to Beanbirds. In fact whenever Cucumbird is around a host of Beanbirds are sure to be close by!
TomatoinkThis round red fruit is often close by, although apparently not very talkative. He made his big debut in Episode 10, however since then has done nothing remarkable.
CoxJumps around shouting "Corn!", and allows others to ride him. A tad hyperactive.
BeanbirdsThere are absolutely thousands of these little guys around. They emerge from pods, often with help from the gentle Cucumbird, and always stick together in large groups. Beanbirds posess a special type of magic and make everyone happy and content - but be careful, if you see any Black Beanbirds stay far away!
EggploochSmooooth and Shiny, Eggplooch loves to spin, so much in fact that it's his main method of travel. A chirpy friendly guy who will, if you ask nicely, let you feel how smooth and shiny he is. Makes a squeaking sound when rubbed.
LettuphantFriendly with almost anyone except Cabbopotamus, who can often be seem chasing her through the grass. And all he wants to do is talk. She balances out being mean to Cabbopotamus by being extra friendly with Dogtato.
Lotus Eater
Lotus EaterLaid back and chubby, loves to relax in the Chocolate Pond. He grows an extremely beautiful flower from his tail.
PeachmingoPeachmingo loves being sparkly and clean. She usually stands around grooming herself in her pristine pond. She's a bit stuck up, so be careful not to offend her.
TweeterinesThese little chirpy guys are but segments of a whole. They give off a very sweet smell and draw in folk from far around.
PearbirdVery quiet and mysterious. He will usually only utter a word or two in a discussion. He appears very docile and possibly devoid of thought, however there may be a bit more going on up in his head than looks would have you believe.
WarturtlemelonDespite his hard turtle-like appearance, Warturtlemelon is a bit of a crybaby. He is easily scared and upset but he has Turmelon to keep him happy. Make sure he doesn't stay out in the sun for too long though, or you may be in for a surprise!
TurmelonAlthough visibly a different variety of melonimal to Warturtlemelon, Turmelon still gets along with him remarkably well. In fact they were practically made for each other, and since they met they've barely been seen apart for a moment.
LionappleThe Lord of the Dance. If you're ever troubled or feeling down or confused about anything, just go see Lionapple! After a dance with all your friends, your troubles will be forgotten. Roar!
PengradishAlthough Pengradish only visited Veggietown for a day, in which he was taken on a tour by Dogtato and Hedgetato, he made a lasting impression. He's welcome back any time!
BatppleA very friendly bat with an unfortunate dark secret. On the night of the full moon he transforms into a Veggie-Juice-Thirsty fiend, and flies around biting everyone in his path the whole night long. Fortunately the sunrise of the following day sets everything right. It may be worth the slight inconvenience every month for a friend as good at Batpple!