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The Setting
Veggietown. Though the buildings are scarce, the community spirit is all there! Dogtato-kun, his girlfriend Hedgetato-chan and a whole variety of other Veggie folk (Veggimals?) live together peacefully in Veggietown. Rolling hills, gushing streams, rocky mountains, green trees and dark caves, a starry sky at night and not a human to be seen.

The Characters
Though Dogtato-kun is a central character to the anime, the other inhabitants of Veggietown are by no means background characters. Most have at least a whole episode centered around them, their unique traits, personality and stories. Check them out on the characters page.

The Anime
The episodes are around 3 minutes each. They are fun, light-hearted and playfully told. The animation is simple, bold and extremely colourful. Aimed at children, suitable for all. Give it a spin and see what you think. The ridiculously cute characters alone are reason enough to watch it. And as far as a spot of light entertainment goes, it doesn't get much lighter, and will definitely entertain you!